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Congregations across North America continue to make heroic efforts to respond to the pandemic and subsequent problems. While vaccination provides hope, we must admit there is no "going back" to how things used to be.

It is altogether fitting that much of this will emerge during the Easter season, where the church will lean into reality of being “raised with Christ” to new life in very personal ways.

This Post-Easter session of the Resilient Church Academy features masterclasses focused on the church's core need to become agents of healing in our communities.

Academy tracks will focus on innovative practices to help churches faithfully bear witness to the gospel in their contexts.

Master Classes

90 minute, in-depth presentation and Q&A from leading church experts

Redeeming Church: Restoring Goodness to the Soul of Congregations

-Scot McKnight

The person of Jesus Christ stands large over history, is at the center of our faith, and presides over the future of the world.

Yet, the gravity and magnitude given him in all these areas is sometimes missing in our churches. While our faith in his work is often present, our attention to replicating his life is not the central concern of our efforts.  For the future vibrancy of our witness in an increasingly secularized world, we must return to forming disciples in the way of Jesus as our focal concern. 

At the heart of this exploration is growing a culture of goodness at the center of our congregational life.  Join Dr. Scot McKnight for this special masterclass where we will explore how churches often lose sight of manifesting a character of goodness in the world and what leaders can do to create an alternative witness.

Thursday, April 8 from 1pm - 3pm ET

A Time to Heal: How the Church Can Offer Hope to a Wounded World in the Name of Jesus

-J.R. Briggs

A global pandemic. Political, financial, racial, and cultural upheaval.

It’s clear we’ve all been wounded. Now, more than ever, we need healers, people who are willing to help others heal from the wounds the world has endured.

In this Masterclass session, J.R. Briggs, author of the newly released book A Time to Heal, will share why now is a ripe opportunity for the Church to join with Jesus and help to “bind up the wounds of the brokenhearted.” He will unpack how the Church holds a rich history of responding with compassion to plagues, wars, pandemics, natural disasters, and other crises, and what the Church of today can learn from our past. In this session, Briggs will also unpack the specific and practical ways in which individuals and entire churches can take up this call to meet some of the most pressing needs in our world today.

Thursday, May 13 from 1pm - 3pm ET


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Academy Tracks

Includes four 2 hour sessions that moves from theory to practice.

Resilient Leadership
Thriving Through Change in Mission-Shaped Ministry

Tod Bollsinger & J.R. Briggs


Hybrid Worship
Transformative Worship Experiences for Online & In-Person Expressions of Church

Jason Moore

Becoming a House Church Network
How to Go From a Single One Congregation to a Family of House Churches

J.R. Briggs

Dinner Church
Re-Imagining Your (Larger) Congregation as Movement of (Smaller) Dinner Churches

Verlon Fosner

Digital Ministry
How to Use Websites, Email, Social Media & Live-streaming to Build Community, Make Disciples and Glorify God

Chris Morton

Hybrid Community
Building and Bridging Virtual and In-Person Relationships

Luke Edwards & Angelica Regalado Cieza

Transforming Congregations
A New Kind of Local Church for a New Mission Reality

Michael Beck & Matt Lake

Cultural Intelligence
 Skills for Leading Churches and Loving Your Neighbors in a Multicultural World

Dee Stokes

Social Media
 Practical Training to Go from Simple to Savvy

Brad Aycock